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Contract questions - Modern Slavery

By Nikki Wilson

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 explicitly refers to businesses and organisations, placing an obligation on large organisations with a turnover of £36m or more to make a Modern Slavery statement to state the measures they employ to eliminate Modern Slavery from their supply chain.

While the requirement may not apply, tackling Modern Slavery is not just the responsibility of the largest organisations or the legal authorities.  We can all play a role, both as active citizens and in our work.

You may at some point wish to enter the supply chain of an organisation that is required to make a statement and as such they’re likely to ask you to refer to the measures you have in place.

We found this web page on the Home Office website which collates a number of free resources from reputable sources.  While many of them are targeted at the Public Sector, they have much wider relevance, explaining what Modern Slavery is and how to spot the signs.

This short Modern Slavery Awareness booklet gives a really good overview as a starting point.  

If you work in this area and have developed resources, you can also submit them for consideration for inclusion on the page.

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