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We aim to be transparent in our pricing and recognise that for many of the start ups and smaller organisations that we love to work with, consultancy fees can be difficult to find.  We offer tiered pricing based on unrestricted income or reserves (whichever is higher)  between £350 and £650 a day.

We are happy to work with you to design a support package that meets your budget and we work with a variety of fee structures including daily or project based costing.  The rates listed below indicate the usual basis for calculating a budget.

We believe our pricing is consistent, or lower than rates you will find for similar services elsewhere but welcome your feedback if you do not feel this is the case.

Please note that these prices are for directly commissioned work.  We work through associate and partnership agreements with a number of other bodies who operate within their own fee structures.  In this case, you will need to negotiate fees with the lead body and in general our contractual arrangements mean that we would not be able to contract with you directly for additional work.

Download a copy of our up to date price list here.

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